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People make the difference, Cliché perhaps, but tried and true.
Our people, at every level of our organization, are the key to our success. People are the heartbeat of a company. The combined experience, dedication, and "passion" of our team cannot be paralleled. Each member of our team knows that they are personally responsible for your satisfaction. It is this personal commitment and ownership of a job well done that guarantees the long term success of our company and the trust of our consumers.

We are dedicated to creating a workplace in which the rights, needs and unique contributions of every employee are consistently respected. Passion Growers strives to be a company where people can develop their full potential and build their careers in an environment that reflects and respects their values. With over 5,000 families (including the people at the farms that supply us) relying on us, we place a priority on providing a supportive environment in which they can flourish.

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