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Our roses are grown in the most ideal conditions found anywhere in the world yielding some of the most breathtaking roses you will ever see.
In the savannah just outside the capital city of Bogota, Colombia you find the perfect natural conditions to grow roses. The soil is rich and full of nutrients, the annual rainfall, temperature and luminosity are perfect, creating the ideal environment for roses to grow and thrive. Here you will find PASSION FARMS: Ipanema farms and the other farms that supply Passion Growers. These farms are home to the newest and best varieties available anywhere in North America. When we say hand selected, we mean just that. Each stem is carefully scrutinized to guarantee that only the finest stems are harvested and shipped to you.

Working with only the best tools is the beginning of a better rose. There are no shortcuts to infrastructure and technology. State of the art fertilization and irrigation equipment are used to provide optimum water and nutrients to the plants. Climate controlled greenhouses allow for the perfect temperature at all times during the growing cycle. Our relationships with the best rose breeders span the globe, as we bring the newest and freshest varieties to market. Today the farms grow over 200 different varieties on a year round basis and every day over 100 new varieties are being tested.
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