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We are committed to supporting the communities where we live and work through education, donations, and community outreach.
The farms that supply Passion Growers provide a large percentage of the employment and support for the local economy in which they operate. In addition to employment, there are many added benefits that the farms offer that are completely voluntary. The farms provide health care, personal security workshops, transportation to and from the farms, low cost nutritional meals, and a child day care program. Through our comprehensive farm monitoring and labor-standards program, we strive to make the farms a better place to work at. We continuously seek out ways to make a difference with the education and overall wellness of the children of the community; after all, they are the future. Our continued goal is to improve working conditions while protecting and preserving the environment. We never stop evaluating our actions and impact on the communities in which we operate.

In January 2006, Ipanema Farms opened its first child day care center. At the day care, children are supplied on a daily basis with clean uniforms, healthy and well-balanced meals, regular medical check-ups, daily rest periods, and are introduced to modern education programs. In addition, Passion Growers makes yearly donations to organizations such as the Joe DiMaggio and Miami Children's Hospitals.
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