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On December 12, 2011, Passion Growers proudly announced that its rose farm, C.I. Flores Ipanema S.A. (Ipanema Farms), was named as a Great Place to Work by the Great Places to Work® Institute Colombia. Ipanema Farms was ranked in the top twenty-five Great Places to Work, coming in at number twenty.

The Great Place to Work® Institute, Inc. is an investigation and business management organization, with their main offices in the United States and affiliates around the world. At the Great Place to Work® Institute, since 1980, employees have been heard and employers are evaluated, to understand what aspects make up a great workplace. The permanent investigation, the assessment tools and the interventions realized, have made the Institute a leader in helping to consolidate workplaces with a high level of trust and that contribute a great value to the construction of a better society.

According to the Great Places to Work® Institute, great workplaces are built through the day-to-day relationships that employees experience. Employees believe they work for great organizations when they consistently trust the people they work for, have pride in what they do, and enjoy the people they work with.

Passion Growers and Ipanema Farms are proud to share this recognition with many other worldwide brands and companies who come from broad industries such as telecommunications, automotive, food and beverage and many more. We salute all companies who work hard to create the best place to work for their employees.
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